27 Apr

Hippodrome (Atmeydani)

Located adjacent to the Basilica Cistern, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, the Hippodrome of Constantinople was a former sporting and social center of the Byzantine Empire. Today only a few fragments of the original structure remain in what is now Sultanahmet Meydanı (Sultan Ahmet Square). Originally built in AD 203 by Septimius Severus when the city was known as Byzantium, it was renovated and enlarged by Constantine the Great in the following century and could hold up to 100,000 people. The square now features obelisks and sculptures that have been collected since around the 4th Century. In addition, there is a neo-Byzantine German Fountain (Alman Çeşmesi), that was sent by German Kaiser Wilhelm II to the Ottoman Sultan as a gift.

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